Kitchen Remodeling

Food. Friends. Family. Kitchen space brings life and flavor into the character of the house. It’s only fitting that kitchens are one of the most popular remodeling spaces for most homeowners.

For most, making the kitchen more accessible or opening a previously confined kitchen space into a larger open floor plan is the goal.

No matter the reason for remodel, kitchen remodeling can soon become complicated because of central location of most kitchens. Some remodels can require extensive demolition of walls, fixtures, or movement of large systems like plumbing or HVAC.

Even the layout of the kitchen has some minor nuances that many homeowners wouldn’t realize is an issue until everything has been changed.

The best bet is to do a ton of research on all fronts. Even opinion or post-build blogs like this one that details the 10 lessons learned from experiencing a kitchen remodel.

Check out the video below from Cambria Surfaces on how to plan your kitchen layout:


Want some more guidance on Kitchen Remodeling? Below are resources to help educate you in pricing, selections, styles, and some examples of our previous work in kitchens.

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Galleries of our work

Are you a visual person? Statistics show that most people are! Feel free to view our gallery of past kitchen remodels to inspire some ideas for your own kitchen. Want to see some in person? Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to see our work in person.


Transparent Pricing Guide

As fixed cost contractors, our entire goal for you as a client is to be transparent with our pricing. With this pricing guide, you will learn where the majority of your prices come from and the big picture cost of your new kitchen.



With the rise of large design and remodeling sites like Houzz, styles and interior designing have become a hobby that almost every homeowner is now involved in. Sometimes it can be overwhelming so we have put together a style guide to collect everything into one page.