Customer Oriented Process to make

Remodeling Simple yet structured.

Ready to start your home remodeling project? Below you will find a wealth of knowledge regarding home building and remodeling.

Before any of that happens though, there are two things that make our services different from other companies.

Fixed Cost Pricing and Design-Build.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Fixed Cost Pricing is when a price is determined for a project based on a very detailed scope of work before construction starts.

This includes pricing all supplies, labor and more before the process and giving the clients a range of pricing that we guarantee to stay within upon final contract signing.

Benefits of Fixed Cost Pricing:

  • Minimizes wasted hours

  • Planning will reduce time of project

  • Range of pricing provided before start (No Surprises)

Design-Build Firm

Design-Build is a project delivery system that involves project risk, planning, and design to construct and adjust a vision of a home or room before construction starts. This allows a clearer vision of the entire process for both homeowners and our firm.

Benefits of Design-Build Firm:

  • Faster Project Finish on Average

  • Less Money Per Project on Average

  • Clear and Concise Vision of Your Project

Home Remodeling Services


Kitchen Remodeling


Bed/Bathroom Remodeling




Design-Build is a type of project delivery system that builders, contractos, and many other industries use to provide faster results and a better experience.

This has some significant differences from what a standard firm uses. 

Essentially, design-build firms offer a packaged solution of services from one entity instead of two separate firms. This usually results in better communication and efficiency from the start to end of your remodel or construction.

Check out the graphic below to understand the process:


As shown above, Design-Build firm requires a lot less communication between separate entities. This usually results in positive things for consumer’s like

  • Lower Unit Costs (Price Per Sq Foot)

  • Faster Construction (Faster Project Time)

  • Less Cost Growth (Final Estimated Cost is More Accurate to Final Costs)

  • Less Schedule Growth (Quicker and Efficient Process)

Listed above are the reasons we believe in this system and how it works. It not only benefits our company in efficiency and communication, but it benefits YOU.

If you have any other questions regarding the DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America) is a great resource.

Kitchen Remodeling

Scroggs specializes in Kitchen Remodels with over 40% of our work involving kitchens.

When looking to remodel, focus on 3 things:

  1. Layout

  2. Ease of Use

  3. Style

This is a place to start when initially considering kitchens although many other parts in the house will play a part in the kitchen including plumbing, electric, back splash and cabinets.

Start your kitchen planning with this video below.


Need some inspiration for your kitchen designs? Check out our gallery here of kitchens!

New Home Building Communities

Looking for a new home in one of Asheville and surrounding areas premier communities?  We're partnered with Blue Mist Farms in Leicester as the preferred new home builder. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! 

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