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The 3 Pillars of our construction experience


Design-Build Firm

Need a plan? Need to build? Want both in your remodeling contractor? We have designers and builders under the same roof. This style of firm generally provides a quicker finish time and is more accurate in costs. This results in a happier you! 


Project Management

Our service is exceptional because of the communication and turn key process that we use. We take care of all issues that arise and assign you a designated project supervisor to manage your questions and concerns. 


Licensed & Insured

With a shortage of reliable construction labor in the Asheville area, finding reliable work for any aspect of your house is difficult. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and tradesmen we use. 


Already stressed about your options and the process? Don’t be. Watch here and discover how we are changing the home remodeling experience for clients like you!


You might have a few questions for our contractors regarding remodeling.


Can you fix a minor issue with my house? There are a few responses to this question. In the State of North Carolina, a licensed contractor is required to do work on jobs over $30,000. We can still do these jobs but if you are shopping on price alone, design-build firms will always have different pricing structure than a standard contractor or handyman. If you are unsure, give us a call and we will direct you down the correct path.

Can you explain the difference in price for your bid compared to XYZ? When determining a contractor, it's incredibly important to compare apples to apples. Permit approved designs are included in our program. If you have two separate companies for the building and the designing, make sure to add the price together when comparing. 

What is a design-build firm? To create an efficient process, we use designs to plan and lay the foundation for any remodel. With structural designs and planning, problems are seen more often before we start our work in your house. This allows for quicker home remodels and building that results in less time with our team in your space. 

Scroggs Construction will be here to design and implement any home projects while providing you with the best process and experience in the Asheville area. Before starting, read this article from consumer reports on the best quality industry practices.


What kind of job are you interested in?

Projects we can build

Custom Home Building

Building your dream home is something special that tailors specifically to you. This type of construction requires a personal touch that Scroggs can provide. Our team will walk with you from start to finish and provide you with the knowledge to customize your home to the style you desire. 

Residential Additions/Remodels

Many houses in our beautiful town of Asheville are just one renovation or addition away from being the gem of the neighborhood. We specialize in taking this dream project and building something of quality that rejuvenates the energy in your home and community. 

Many Other Projects...

Custom homes and residential construction may keep us busy, but there are many other types of jobs that our team has completed over the years. If you have any questions regarding a project, feel free to Contact Us. We pride ourselves in not only in our work, but being able to assist and educate clients on any matters.

Spec House/Custom Home/Pre-Construction

Looking to move into a home in the beautiful area of black mountain? Check out our lot and proposed house for the area here. This house can be custom built and designed to suit your needs. With beautiful land and even more grand view, this house will be off the market quick. Take a look now!


Customer Reviews &


Educating Clients

Blog & Current News

“Matt and his workers were exceptional, both in the quality of their work, as well as in the timely return of calls, addressing concerns, comprehension of our ideas and ability to adjust his schedule to accommodate any changes or additions to the work planned. We ended up remodeling more than just the basement area; adding a deck and completing a multitude of necessary main house repairs and updates. Without hesitation, we would call him to perform work again! Great experience!”